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We recognize and serve the rights of all individuals, particularly those with special needs, to live in a safe and secure environment, and to achieve optimum levels of self- actualization.

We understand and appreciate the importance that good health, family, friends and the community have in all of our lives.

We support the belief that each individual is entitled to be treated with respect and in a dignified manner, and to be empowered and enabled to obtain equal opportunities of: vocation, education, recreation, social interaction, housing, medical care, legal and governmental services.

We believe that staff should be selected on the criteria of: relevant education, training, professional development, personality, integrity and character.

We believe that Staff Development should be encouraged through financial support of Continuing Education programs.

We believe in the development of self-managed work teams dedicated to the Continuous Quality Improvement of systems and procedures in a Client-Focused environment.

We believe that developmentally appropriate Care Plans should be designed in consultation with the client, medical professionals, staff and family members, and that primary consideration should be given to the client's personal needs and wants.

We believe that staff members should act, in all situations, in a professional manner, and should maintain a high degree of confidentiality, particularly in regard to client information.

Mission Statement

The primary objectives of Victoria Park Guest House Inc. are:

  • to foster an environment which will be the preferred choice of residence by clients, and the preferred choice of a workplace by staff;
  • to establish a reputation for excellence within the community; and
  • to encourage and enable independent thought and action.

Human and financial resources are focused on the community inclusion, normalization, and quality of life of our clients.

On behalf of our clients and their family members, we advocate for improved levels of and access to medical and professional services in Windsor-West Hants, through our efforts to increase community awareness of the relevant issues.

To our clients and funders, we will continually strive to deliver the highest quality and the most cost-effective facilities and services.


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